Friday, February 03, 2006

An argument to be held in stories.

An illustration of the relation between theism, atheism, agnosticism, skeptics and irreligious.
There are two giant birds flying, and between them hangs a rope that each grasps in it claw. On the back of each bird ride many people, but riding in the bird’s back between the wings so that they can see neither the other bird nor the rope nor the fall to the ground. Across the rope also many people wander back and forth, seemingly lost. They want to leave the rope for it is round and they fear to fall, but they can’t bring themselves to choose either bird over the other, so they remain on the rope. Far below is the ground. On the ground are many people: among them are those who have never looked up and wondered what it is like to fly, and those who have but have dismissed it a mere dreaming.
The one represents theism, the other atheism The rope represents agnosticism. Those on the ground that don’t look up are the terminally irreligious people, while those that do I think are cynics.

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