Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Notices, Updates and Questions

Well classes are back, and people (well actually it was just James) are asking me what is going on with the weekly meetings. Personally I'm happy to continue on having the informal discussion on at the same time and place: Tuesday, 1 - 3 pm McMullin Courtyard (I just didn't turn up yesterday due to the nasty weather). If anyone has any ideas on varying or adding to this timetable, please feel free to suggest them. I'll be turning up at least, until someone advise me otherwise. I notice that PHIL4080 - Philosophy Honours IV is scheduled for Tuesday 12 - 2. Is this actually the real time, and if so where would the honours students like me to move the meeting to? Since Intro to Philosophy B is on from 9 till 11, we have the option of going earlier, eg, 11am till 1 (or 2ish). This also means we aren't clashing with 'Topics' - PHIL3060, but obviously won't work if that time listed for the honours course is the real one. So I guess I'll turn up at about 11ish next Tuesday (unless I hear from people) and see how we go from there.

Other members have also asked if the club, or parts thereof, intend to do anything for This is Not Art (TiNA) in October?

It has been suggested that we might field a discussion panel based on something (I can't remember exactly what) in order to raise the profile of philosophy in Newcastle and make outrageous claims in public. I'm happy to organise this once we have some idea of what we are doing.

There is also an idea for a new club publication that has been suggested to me that I will need to discuss with the executive (what is left of it) and our staff representative. I'll go into more detail about it at the next meeting.

So there it is: Holidays are over and if you are like me - staring down the barrel of a job that is going to turn you into an adminsitrative slave or drive you completely postal if you don't escape, then act now! Seize the day, or alternatively, seize your keyboard and write something. It might not help, but it can't be worse than what you are doing right now, which is nothing.
-Sam Douglas.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Shine on you Crazy Diamond

Sadly, for Syd, there is no other day. He died yesterday at the age of 60 of diabetes complications. I fear from this day on, starving children may be a little hungrier, little kittens a bit less fluffy.