Saturday, January 01, 2005

Open Forum

The Open Forum is intended to be a place where individuals can post questions they would like to see discussed on this Blog for Editorial consideration.

Once posted as a comment, the question will be reviewed by the Editors. If it is deemed suitable, the question will then be posted on the Blog for discussion. It is requested that individuals avoid discussing posts in this forum.

All questions are welcome.

[Members of the Club should note that they are invited to become Contributors, and make their own posts.]


david said...

Paul Feyerabend, please. One "n." Good point (in re "Intelligent Deisgn). Feyerabend used to show in class book images from the Inquisition, when heresy was printed on opposite pages from dogma. But that was more of a slant on science than a blueprint.

You are welcome to visit for more.


Samuel Douglas said...

My aplogies for the mistake. I can spell, just not when I'm typing at any signifigant speed. Thanks for stopping by.