Saturday, January 01, 2005

The List of Philosophical Links

The philosophy related links, here collected, are the product of several years of web-trawling. For ease of searching they have been vaguely assorted alphabetically.

The compiler of this list washes his hands, after the fashion of Pontius Pilate, of any responsibility for the quality of the contents and the Club and Editors assume none. The list has been developed with full awareness of the dynamic nature of the Internet, and the open and democratic discussions that form its contents. The Editors also announce that they have no concern for maintaining this list, though if Parties feel like informing us that links are no longer operational, by posting comments to such an effect, we may be inclined to make modifications.

Further, the Editors invite others to contribute links to this list – our aim is to develop as extensive a catalogue as possible – by detailing links in comments. They would also like to state, Categorically, that no Blogs will be added to this particular list and apologise for any Blogs that have been added.

The Editors.

The List Of Philosophical Links (as 2nd of November 2007).

Baudrillard on the Web
Derrida Online

Daniel C. Dennett
David Brink
Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind
Early Modern Texts
Erratic Impact
Evangelical Philosophical Society (EPS)
Michel Foucault Resources
Godel’s Theorems: An Introduction
Habermas Online
IJBS - International Journal of Baudrillard Studies
International Society For Philosophers
John Anderson

JESP - Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy
LaTex for Logicians
Martin Heidegger Resources
Marx and Engle’s Writings
Marxists Internet Archive
Melbourne Philosophy
Meta-Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Morality, Ethics and Philosophy Resources
No Dogs or Philosophers Allowed Home Page
Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
Online Papers In Philosophy
Pathways to Philosophy
Perseus Digital Library
Peter Singer
Peter Singer Links
The Philosophers Carnival
Philosophers Imprint

The Philosophers' Magazine
Philosophy Collection
Philosophy Documentation Centre
Philosophy In Cyberspace
Philosophy Now
Philosophy Pages

Philosophy Talk
Plantinga Page
Postmodern Thought
Prisoner’s Dilemma

Radical Philosophy
Reason Papers
Squashed Philosopher
St James Ethics Centre
Stanford Encyclopaedia Of Philosophy
Stephen Woflram

The American Philosophical Association

The Bertrand Russell Archive
The Big Philosophical Internet Search Guide
The Cambridge Wittgenstein Archive
The Examined Life
The Fallacy Files
The Film and Philosophy Database
The Foucauldian
The Foucault Circle
The Hannah Arendt Papers (United States Library of Congress)
Ted Honderich
The International Association For Computing And Philosophy
The Internet Encyclopaedia Of Philosophy
The Isaiah Berlin Virtual Library
The Karl Popper Web
The Logical Fallacies
The Philosophical Lexicon
The President’s Council On Bioethics
The Realm Of Existentialism
The Royal Institute Of Philosophy
The Russellian Society
The Tanner Lectures On Human Values
The Wittgenstein Archive
The World Of Richard Dawkins
Truth Table Constructor
Voltaire’s Philosophical Dictionary
Walter Benjamin
Wittgenstein on Rules and Private Language (so-called) Ultimate HomePage

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