Monday, January 17, 2005

Presidential statement thingy

Another year, another.....year?
So much for starting on a profound note. I'm obviously too sober for that. Or maybe it's you that is too sober. Who knows? Back to the point.

Why have a Philosophy Club? What are we here for?

The Club aims to support those who study philosophy at the University, as well as those in the broader community who are interested in philosophy. We also aim to promote and facilitate philosophic, and intellectual, discourse and scholarship on Campus and in the world at large.

I believe that by doing the former, we make a very good start on acheiving the latter. The support that we can give to student of philsophy can come in a range of forms. Mainly, we can provide (a few) people that will listen and argue at great length, about all things philosophical. We are less likely, for example, than the average person in a bar, or commerce tutorial, to tell someone with an anti-realist adgenda that they are crazy. We may give a warmer response to a disbelief in inductive reasoning than say, a chemistry lecturer. We tolerate discussions that most people find annoying, disturbing, boring, irrelavent or offensive (the fools).
This is important, as nothing helps to develop an idea like bouncing it off someone else who knows vaguley (is that spelt right?) what you are talking about. Furthermore, it can stop students of making fools of themselves (well, not completely). Something that might seem like a really good idea at 3:00 am over half a bottle of port/scotch/absinthe/ or several joints/cones/buckets (you get the idea), may sound somewhat less good in the cold light of the Godfrey Tanner Bar the next day when you try to explain it to a sober person.

We also host guest speakers (when we can actually get them).

-Sam Douglas (President)

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