Monday, March 28, 2005

A Discussion on Wittgenstein ...

Being aware that Ol'Ludwig is gnawing away at the back of some of the minds around here - mine included - thought that it might be useful to link to this discussion taking place over at Thoughts Arguments and Rants on Interpreting Wittgenstein ... It appears to have little to do with meaning scepticism, though I did see Investigations section 201 mentioned somewhere, or thought that I did ... The question that I sort of have is in virtue of which fact can we be sure that anyone actually means 'Wittgenstein' when they 'Wittgenstein'? Could they not actually be talking about 'Kripkenstein' - a creature that seems to feature in a lot of the literature I have been reading lately.

Anyway, am going to return to wading through Blackburn, McGinn, and Wright on Kripke on Wittgenstein (the most fun way to spend a public holiday ...).

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