Friday, April 15, 2005

Editorial Announcement: 15th April 2005

Those of you whom are regular visitors to these pages may have noticed a few changes to the Blog. These are part of the on-going Editorial process, and intended to make the Blog a more friendly place for Contributors and Visitors alike.

Simply, the List of Blogs has been updated to include a few new blogs (as part of our on-going attempt to maintain a nearly definitive list of the philosophy blogs on-line), which has meant that the List of Philosophical Links has been moved, and given its own post after the style of several other Philo-bloggers. Further, you will now find a post containing a means of contacting us in the new Nota Bene section; it is going to be here that Posts with on-going streams of discussion will be listed as they threaten to fall of the main page as well as other Posts Of Note, such as the Dialectic Tables Of Contents (which has finally found its way on-line) and the Fragmenta.

It is hoped that this changes will improve the Blog, in you – the Readers – interests.

The Editor.
Post Script, If you have any helpful comments feel free to leave them here. Many Thanks.

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