Sunday, October 09, 2005

Acephalous On Foucault

Acephalous has been running a piece on Foucault's historical inquiry - given a recent heated debate - in Wheeler Place, of all locals, and after a panel discussion on underground pornography in Australia, of all subjects - thought that it might warrent some consideration. (Should point that it is Aufklarung/Lumieres focused at points ...).


Scott Eric Kaufman said...

I feel ripped off! I thought you were going to seriously engage my thought, by telling me that I'm reinventing the wheel or something (which, of course, in this initial post I am). Anyhow, thanks for the notice, and I'll try to do Foucault proud in my addressing his thought with the rigor and intelligence with which he addressed others'. Sure, he probably wouldn't've liked my results, but he would've respect my method. In the end, that's what matters, no?

MH said...

Appologies for the false promise. [It's a bit hectic around here, and little is getting the attention that it fully deserves.]

A technical note; as I understand the translation issues regarding 'aufklarung' and 'lumieres', both terms are suffiently rendered as 'enlightenment' in English. The translation issue is in terms of whether 'enlightenment' qua process (Kant's usage) or Enlightenment qua historial process is meant.

The recent discussion was on using Foucault's method to analyise the normalisation of sexuality (especially hetro-normalising 'devient' practices). Basically, the panel had made the point that SuicideGirls was all about capitalist hetero-normalisation, though this analysis seems simplistic and a more comprehensive (post-Foucauldian) analysis might serve the issue better. I appologise that I'm light on the details, but there are probably a couple of other participants who can fill you in better.

I am actually looking forward to reading your next post.