Thursday, December 15, 2005

The University of Winnipeg Department of Philosophy: The Blog

The University of Winnipeg Department of Philosophy Blog

Worth a look.

I think we could steal the format for their philosophy club, even though it is almost identical to what we do anyway,just a bit more formalised.
(On closer inspection, I think we should steal their whole philosophy department). Furthermore, we should be on our department's webpage, as they are (only we don't have a department).

In relation to the ongoing discussion rearding how to promote the mertis of studying philosophy, I noticed one of their pages that includes an impressive table of statistics indicating that philosophy graduates are smarter than everyone else.


MH said...

What’s the line from that Ani DiFranco song? ‘We’re all gonna move to Canada, where we’ll die of old age’?

Bill Pascoe said...

I suggested to the Uni a while ago (where I work in IT) that the Uni should host this blog and others like it and one for every school etc. It is always hard to get anything to change here, though that might change soon, but there were some actual concerns, eg: someone was worried that since it's hosted on the Uni site the Uni would have to monitor it, to stop students harrassing each other and that sort of thing.
Ultimately though, if the request comes from me as an internal staff member it will go nowhere. If there is a clear demand from students, then they might do something. You should go to student services and tell them why the Uni should host this blog.
You could tell them it shows the Uni has a vibrant student community, and that it supports it's vibrant student community, which will attract students. You can tell them it is monitored, with the systems native 'comment moderation tools', and the editors promise not to allow any racially villifying etc etc etc