Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Corrupting the Youth -- A History of Philosophy in Australia

C.A.J. Coady, (University of Melbourne), has had his review of this book published on The University of Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews site.

Now I know it has taken a while, (it was published in 2003), but it is so rare that something that mentions Australia gets this sort of coverage, I could not resist. My only real criticism is that we did not rate a mention in the review.

Read the Review Here

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MH said...

So you’re upset by the fact that ‘Dialectic’, which is a key source for the sections dealing with John Anderson, didn’t get mentioned in the review? (Are the reprints of the Anderson Special Edition still hidden away in the Common Room? It’s an interesting read for anyone who reads the book and develops a vague interest in Anderson. It’s also a shame that ‘Dialectic’ has declined from those glory days …) Or is it that the University of Newcastle didn’t get mentioned? (Perhaps because Newcastle is barely mentioned, if memory serves …)

Personally, I recommend ‘Corrupting The Youth’. It’s well worth a read, if only because it is interesting to know the development of the discipline in this country over the course of the past century or so.

(And sorry that this comment has taken so long, it’s been a bit hectic of late.)