Monday, February 12, 2007

O-Week 2007

As it is O-Week, I thought that it might be worthwhile to scribble down a brief welcome note.

Firstly, welcome to the various new members of the University of Newcastle Philosophy Club. As of Monday there are about sixty of you. (I’d like to apologise to anyone I scared.) Secondly, welcome back to more established members.

Details of the weekly gathering/meeting are still to be finalised. At the moment they are still going to be held on Tuesdays, with a time and location to be announced shortly.

For those of you unfamiliar with Dialectic, it is our on-line forum. Club members are welcome to become contributors – the details on how to do this will be sent out in an email – and to engage in the discussions and debates that take place here.

It has been suggested that the Club convene a Fresher Reading Group. This would probably meet monthly. If members are interested in joining, they should contact us and let us know.

Once again, the Executive would like to state that the Club exists for the interests of the members. If you have a suggestion or comment, all you have to do is let us know.

Martin Hill,
Vice-President (In Exile).


Samuel said...

I would like to have a meeting place worked out by next week so I can start advertising it in class. Also, most of the new members won't be able to read the above message because they don't know this blog exists. The president needs to email them and tell them stuff.

As far as locations go the mc courtyard is now covered in fresh turf so it should be good for sitting upon by next week. It has also been suggested to me that we meet in the GT bar.

MH said...


I'm aware most of the new members are unaware of Dialectic's existence. (In part because there were no flyers on the stand this year.) The post was intended for those who find it as well as for any continuing members who stop by. And they might still get a chance to read it once details are sent out.

On the meeting issue - President Douglas is aware that decisions need to be. Even so, you could probably email him and remind him (or call by and see him).

The Tanner Bar has oft been suggested as a venue for club meetings. I'm sure Godfrey would be pleased to see it used for such things. But you confront the major problems of space in the Tanner - there is never enough when you want to gather people there - and noise - it is always too loud. The other option – the Bar on the Hill – is even less viable.

That so, it is possibly the sort of thing you might want to discuss at the meeting.

Samuel Douglas said...

Yeah I know, I'll be emailing everyone tomorrow. I think we'll try the courtyard first, it looks ok, but we can always change if that doesn't work out.

I think that you will find that the flyers I gave out on other days had the Dialectic URL on the bottom, so I sure some members are aware of it.