Friday, August 17, 2007

1st Post(-)modern[ism/ist[s]/ity] Philosophy Carnival

A new(er) Carnival - the Post(-)modern[ism/ist[s]/ity] Philosophy Carnival (can we just call it the Postmodern Philosophy carnival?) is currently being hosted at Philosophy and Literature and then at Simon Ives on the 1st of September.


MH said...

Can we re-name it, for the purposes of Dialectic, by executive motion?

Rowan Blyth said...

I concur. My suggestions: Post(-)(-)modernism Carnival or the The Rowan CarniVal.

Personally I believe that name is exactly the reason why people think post-modernism is purely wank with some frilly lace and cream.

Samuel Douglas said...

Rowan, how can you say such things? Postmodernism is the coolest thing ever! Don't you remember that song that was on JJJ last year?

Given the name of my personal site I don't think I'm in a position to cast stones.

If I combine your suggestions I end up with the PoMo Row Show. (Why am I still sober on a Friday night writing about this?)

Rowan Blyth said...

So it is decided, the PoMo Row Show.