Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Australian Philosophy of Religion Association

In early December (I recently rediscovered the announcement), Morgan Luck (of Charles Sturt University), Sarah Bachelard (St Mark’s National Theological Centre), and Nick Trakakis (Monash University) announced the formation of the Australian Philosophy of Religion Association.

An inaugural conference has been scheduled for 2008.


Mike Almeida said...

Can't follow the conference link.

MH said...

The link is working at this end. If not, try going via the Association's site.

Paul said...

A good deal of philology masquerades as philosophy especially in the area of religion.
Whether one can quote the writings of Neitzsche, Schopenhaeur, Kant or any of the others does not indicate any degree of profound thought.
In terms of infinity pre big bang banging is of immence interest, if such actually did take place, as is the essence of 'self' as it relates to Eastern speculative philosophy.
Philosophy should embrace the Universe and the inherent implications merging from such; it should not be restricted to dreary text book arguments involving philosophical masters of questionable repute.Murchovski.