Friday, May 09, 2008

Zombie Leprechaun Nietzsche's Pot of Coal Threatened

There are plans to dig up the grave of Friedrich Nietzsche in Rocken, Germany to get to his precious precious coal. It turns out that Nietzsche carcus guards a brown coal seam.

The site was earmarked for mining in the 1980's when he was blacklisted by the then communist regime who failed to separate him from his sister's revision of him as the official philosopher of Nazi Germany. Now for the irony: as they are buried next to each other, they may finally rescue Nietzsche from his evil sister.

I am lead to believe brown coal is dirty and inefficient as a fuel source. We should be asking why are they planning on making the entry in the Rocken church grave yard register declaring that here lies 'a known anti-christ' a lie, when they should just buy our superior coal.

England Times Article
Times Article on Nietzsche's Sister

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