Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Dissapointment Problem.

There is a choice between E and F. E will either suffice or disappoint. F will disappoint. If you choose F, you know that you will be disappointed. If you choose E you may be satisfied or disappointed. Do you choose F knowing that you will be disappointed, and thus not be disappointed with your choice when it disappoints, or do you choose E?


Pete said...

Mmmmm...Martin and formal logic. Is it a good mix? Only time will tell....

If you choose F you will be disappointed. There is no possibility of not being disappinted with your choice here. The fact is that F WILL disappoint. That was established in the premises. Thus the fact that I know that F will disappoint will not stop me from being disappointed.

So I choose E.

Cooly McCool said...

As they say 'you got to be in it to win it' so E seems the only real choice. I do wonder how something will disappoint if you had no expectations of it. If you knew it was not going to satisfy, then are you really disappointed when it lives up to what it promised?