Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hedonism and the Post-Darwinist World

I recently re-discovered a web page that I had come across once some years ago and forgotten about, The Hedonistic Imperative. Seemingly run by the mysterious ‘Dave’, this extensive site details a plan to “eradicate suffering in all sentient life”, complete with philosophical justifications. While the sheer bulk of material can be overwhelming and the approach can seem piecemeal, there is an interesting parallel between this and the situation laid out in the end of Atomised. It is also an interesting flip side to Rowan’s discussion of why we might want a “fake” world that is perfect; Why not just make the real one where we are all perfectly happy? I do admit that this is not really the kind of serious material that some of the contributors and editors here normally peruse, but if you are looking for a somewhat wacky read, this is it.
And you thought that utilitarianism was dead.

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